Register for the 2023-2024 season

For the 2023-2024 season, the license offers a host of new benefits to support you in your practice. Find out more:

Medical certificate
Minors (under 18)
Membership is delivered providing the minor answers a dedicated Health Form. Should he fail answering negatively to every question of the Health Form, a medical certificate will have to be uploaded.
Adults (over 18)
Adults are exempt from providing a medical certificate or answering the Health Form (in accordance with the new regulations from September 2023).

Which membership to choose?



Multi-racquet membership

Padel or Beach tennis membership

Non-club membership


Associated club offers Yearly membership Yearly membership None
Validity Max. 12 months
(until the end of the season)
Max. 12 months
(until the end of the season)
Max. 12 months
(until the end of the season)
Conditions Open to all Open to all Adulte uniquement
(Exception jeunes de 18 ans vivant à l’étranger)
Adult price €32 €20 €47
Child price
€12 (age 6 and under)

€22 (age 7 to 18)

€20 -

Sporting benefits


Individual competitions (tournaments, championships, etc.)
Free matches (unclassed to 30/1)
Team competitions
Unless they become a member of a club within the qualifying deadline
Tennis Entreprise, school & university competitions
FFT ranking and honours list
Free access to Ten'Up website and app
(including online bookings, if activated by the club)
Online Galaxie Tennis passport
(age 10 and under)

Exclusive FFT and partner advantages


50% off digital subscription
Up to 15% off car rentals

20% off the Tennis and Padel departments in the online store

(padel uniquement)
-2€ on the Elite Wilson bipack

15% off annual subscription

15% off subscriptions
€10 off your first organic basket

10% off group lessons and one free trial lesson

20% off guided tours

Priority ticket purchase
Priority ticket purchase

10% off and free delivery

Discounted tickets for French tournaments