Become a registered player for the 2021/2022 season


Sign up as an FFT-registered player and join a million other tennis players in 7,400 clubs all over France! 

With your FFT membership, you can:
  • Enter official competitions and/or organise your own matches 
  • Find thousands of other players and keep an eye on your results on Ten'Up
  • Enjoy plenty of exclusive advantages (priority ticket purchase for Roland-Garros and Rolex Paris Masters, partner discounts, access to the FFT Proshop for equipment, and much more)
  • Benefit from insurance cover when playing tennis in France or abroad 


Medical certificate

In order to become a registered player, you need to provide a medical certificate from your doctor stating that you are fit to play tennis (or beach tennis or paddle tennis) and take part in competitions. This certificate must be dated within a year of your application. 

enlightened New: Simply send us your medical certificate or fill out the online health questionnaire in your Ten’Up account. 


Which membership to choose?


Club membership

Independent membership

Adult price €30 €45
Youth price €12 (age 6 and under)
€20 (age 7 to 18)
(only for youth players living abroad)
Subscription method With club membership Online via Ten’Up 
Duration of validity One season
(max. 12 mths)
One season
(max. 12 mths)


Individual competitions
(tournaments, championships, local leagues, etc.)
Club matches (non-ranked or up to 30/1)
Team competitions
Unless you become a member of a club within the qualifying period 
Corporate, university and school tennis competitions 
FFT ranking and matches (displayed online on Ten'Up)
Free access to Ten'Up website and app
Insurance cover

Exclusive FFT and partner advantages

Priority ticket purchase for Roland- Garros/Rolex Paris Masters
Other FFT advantages, including Roland-Garros e-shop
FFT partners’ discounts and promotions (INTERSPORT, Lacoste, Wilson, etc.)
Advantages for other French tournaments (ATP & WTA)